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Renaming Pay Me, Bug!?!!???

Submitted by C B Wright on

Should an author rename a novel they've already published? More specifically, should I? That's what I'm thinking through right now, and I thought it was worth thinking through out loud.

Last Monday I was feeling whimsical. I was looking at book covers and noticed a the ones that featured the name of the author at the top of the page frequently had “HUGO AWARD WINNING AUTHOR” or “HUGO NOMINATED AUTHOR” or “NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER” placed under the author’s name. It made perfect sense from an advertising perspective, but I thought it would be cheeky and amusing to see something similar for authors who had no awards whatsoever, so I did this:

And then I laughed and went on my merry way. (More under the cut.)

The Immerse or Die Report

Submitted by C B Wright on

Jefferson Smith is an Indie author and blogger who has hit upon what I think is an amazingly great conceit for a book review series: he's started exercising, and he uses a treadmill. Each time he exercises, he starts reading a book. Will the book keep him interested through the entire 40-minute workout? If it does, he explains why. If it doesn't, he explains why not. He calls this the Immerse or Die Report, and I think it's brilliant.

(Full disclosure time: yesterday he featured Pay Me, Bug! on this report, and it went the full 40 minutes. So, let's be completely honest here, I might just be a little biased.)

Ten Things About Me as a Writer that are Probably Irrelevant (but that you might find interesting anyway)

Submitted by C B Wright on

While I was going through my Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul I found myself doing a fair amount of self-reflection. Or navel-gazing. I get them confused a lot, but THE POINT IS that as I did I started remembering odd little bits about myself that I found either vaguely amusing or semi-revelatory. I don't think they're informative on a deep, spiritual level, but they did amuse me. Think of it as me re-introducing myself to you, the audience, after a long absence.

So without further ado... Ten Things About Me as a Writer that are Probably Irrelevant (but that you might find interesting anyway):