Opposing CISPA

Submitted by C B Wright on

Remember SOPA and PIPA? They're nothing compared to this.

In the name of "cyber security," and under the auspices of helping the federal government defend itself from external threats (threats outside of the United States), a new bill has been introduced to the House of Representatives called the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA.

When it comes to passing a law, doing something in the name of security is always a safer bet than doing something in the name of Intellectual Property Law. Security is a visceral word that implies it has real, direct application on your safety. However, like so many other laws of late, CISPA overreaches. It grabs too many powers in the name of security, and offers too few protections to the people most likely to be affected by it -- United States Citizens.

The House of Representatives is voting on it Friday.