Why Self-Publishing? Webcomics.

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In 2009, while I was at the tail-end of submitting an earlier draft of Pay Me, Bug! to publishers and getting a little discouraged about the process, people in my life encouraged me to self-publish. These people included a few friends, and even my parents. My parents even went so far as to mail me a promotional packet from a company that specialized in helping authors self-publish.

I didn’t want any part of it.

In 2009, at my very core, I steadfastly believed the only legitimate way to publish a story was to do it through an actual publishing house. Self-publishing, I believed, consisted of:

  • Deluded authors who were being played by vanity press outfits
  • Failed authors who had more ego than talent

In 2010 I began to revise Pay Me, Bug! one last time, intending to publish it first on the web, then as an eBook, and finally as a trade paperback. What, you might reasonably ask, changed my mind? Was I deluded by a vanity press? Did my ego overcome my talent? Well, no to the first: I publish everything using my own software and on my own dime. I can’t speak to the second, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who might think so. But for my part, the decision really had very little to do with self publishing fiction, or any of the arguments surrounding it. For my part, the decision to self-publish came from another venue entirely:


Review: The Legion of Nothing

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This review was originally posted on Web Fiction Guide. Now that Jim Zoetewey (the author) has released the first story arc as a Kindle Book (see link below) I'm reposting it here to help get the word out.

The Legion of Nothing, by Jim Zoetewey

I suppose there are people out there who will dismiss "superhero fiction" as trivial, just like there are people who feel that way about space opera, or sword & sorcery, high fantasy, or any other kind of genre fiction. I'm not one of those people, but I will admit that I'd never really been comfortable reading it. I'm used to reading about superheroes in comic books -- the genre and the medium are so intertwined in my experience it's difficult to imagine reading the genre in any other form. Maybe you're like me. Maybe you have the same association, and as such haven't tried reading any of the superhero serials listed on this site because you can't wrap your brain around the fact that it's not a comic book.

If that's the case... take a deep breath, steel yourself, and start reading this serial. In a few chapters you'll be cured.

Finance Porn

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Three pie charts showing different percentages of things.

One of the things I have to do each year when I prepare my taxes is calculate my income earned and expenses generated for publishing this site and all the content on it. It isn't a particularly complicated excercise: my revenue is easy to track (Project Wonderful for ad revenue, PayPal for individual donations) and my expenses are even easier (hosting fees.)

That will likely change next year, though -- now that I've jumped into the self-publishing world I'll need to track more expenses, and the more complicated reality of generating revenue through multiple revenue streams and vendors. I got a small taste of that in 2011 because in October I started selling Pay Me, Bug! as an eBook, and while I was sorting through that complexity I found some interesting statistics concerning where my revenue comes from. I'll share those statistics under the cut.