The Death and Rebirth of The Points Between

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Once upon a time I was happily writing a serial called The Points Between. It was a story I was incredibly passionate about telling -- a story that was viscerally important to me, even though it was way out of my comfort zone and far, far above my level of expertise -- and I'd actually finished an entire arc, and had started on the second arc, when a bunch of inconvenient things happened. The result of these inconvenient things was that the story has remained dormant for years: not dead, because it's never a story I've given up on, but dormant. I needed to make some decisions, and I didn't know what decisions I wanted to make.

I've made those decisions, and am in the process of moving forward. This is the story of that interminable process, and what came out of it.

The Points Between is, in my head, a story with three arcs. The first arc, where Matthew discovered he was a magician, was finished. The second arc, where he had to discover what that meant, was getting started. The third arc, where he had to choose how to use what he knew, was being set up. I was generally pleased with most of what I'd written, but there were a few things I'd done that had bothered me:

The First 12 Chapters to A Rake by Starlight

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Sometime in mid-July -- a particularly dark month for me, for various reasons -- I was skimming through my manuscript for A Rake by Starlight, the as-yet unfinished sequel to Pay Me, Bug!. I found myself really enjoying the story, which is something I rarely do when I'm still working on it, and was extremely happy with the way the it was turning out.

I also noticed something interesting: while the story isn't finished, the first twelve chapters are solid. As I looked through my work I saw gaps that needed to be filled, pieces that needed to be added, things that needed to be fleshed out... but none of that occurred in Chapters 1-12. I don't feel like there's much I have to do to them at this point. Edit for grammar. Massage a few words, maybe. But my general feeling is that Act I of A Rake by Starlight is finished.

Since Act I is finished, I'm going to post it for you. Starting today.

A Somewhat Unorthodox Birthday Request

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July 2, 2013: I am 42 years old. For the record, that means that for an entire year I get to be the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. I’m looking forward to that. When I turn 43 it means I will have moved beyond the question which is also kind of cool, but for now I’m going to revel in my Douglas Adams-inspired cosmic awesomeness.

This year I actually have something of a birthday request to you, my readers. It doesn’t involve spending money (though if you’re inclined to go out and buy my books, hey, that’d be awesome) but—if you’re so inclined—it does involve spending a little time. In short: if you’ve read either Pay Me, Bug! or Curveball, and if you’ve enjoyed reading them, would you consider posting a review somewhere?