Technology Is Not Your Friend

Whom The Gods Would Destroy, They First Give Computers

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There are a lot of reasons why a computer will die on you, and I think I may have experienced most of them. The truly frustrating thing about it—for me, anyway—is that so many of those reasons look exactly the same at the beginning. A hard drive dying can screw up applications the same way that bad ram can screw up applications the same way that a cracked motherboard can screw up applications the same way that a bad video card can screw up applications. When you take the time to troubleshoot the problem, you can with time and effort figure out which problem it is—either by swapping out components until it starts working again, thus winnowing out the bad component (“aha! Everything started working when I removed Windows!”) or by running a very fancy program that tests everything for you, and three days later tells you the problem is expensive.

Yes, those are your only two choices. All the other possibilities are variations of those two choices.

Manual Backups are Dangerous.

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Last night I sat down to create a comic.

But first, I thought, I should really back up my site templates. Over the last week or so I'd made a number of changes to the live templates "on the fly" in order to fix a few display/theming problems I'd noticed, and I wanted to make sure I didn't accidentally lose those changes. So I fired up Filezilla, went over to the Drupal themes directory, and told Filezilla to copy the templates on my website into the templates in my archive directory.

Filezilla asked me if I wanted to overwrite all files. I said yes.

...that's when I realized I'd done it backwards: I had actually told Filezilla to take the files out of my archive directory and overwrite the files sitting in my live site. Damn it all to hell.

So I was up from 9PM-2AM re-creating everything I'd done, then backing the templates up to my archive directory, to make sure my backups were in sync. I think everything is restored, more or less. But let this be a lesson to you all: manual backups are dangerous.

I never did get around to posting that comic...

Today's Moment Of "Huh?" Brought To You By Firefox

Submitted by C B Wright on

For some reason Firefox is not displaying any comic images on my site:

Firefox being stupid

Konqueror doesn't have this problem. Heck, even Internet Explorer 6 is displaying the comic images. But for some reason Firefox -- and at this point I don't know if it's MY version of Firefox, or every version of Firefox on the planet -- will not display my comic images.

I wonder if I've activated some kind of security feature...



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Minor technical difficulties have prevented me from posting comics. Not site difficulties per se (though apparently some bot is zerg rushing my site with comment spam, thank you very much for that whoever you are), just stuff. I'll try and get back on the horse tomorrow.

Updatus Interruptus

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It wasn't an explosion that required a building to be evacuated and EMT services to be called on the scene or anything like that (at least, not as far as I know)... but until right about just this minute I haven't had access to the Internet. Apparently a rather important connection that my cable internet provider relies on decided it would prefer not to be reliable.