Twitter says "TL,DR"

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Twitter apparently restricts its users to a set number of tweets each day. It further restricts its users to a subset of those tweets every few hours. It looks like tonight I actually hit that wall while I was tweading Chapter One. Twitter stopped allowing me to update @paymebug in mid-sentence.

Yeesh. Critics.

Anyway, there were some interesting aspects to using Twitter to publish a novel. Essentially I learned two things:

1. Ernest Hemmingway would have little difficulty adapting to the 140 character limit.

2. I am not Ernest Hemmingway.

Now on BBC-3

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As I try (with mixed success) to get my cartooning feet1 back under me, I am pleased to report that if you wander over to Unexplored Horizons you will find something other than a placeholder stating "there is nothing to see here." That said, not much is going to happen over there until Tuesday.

Well Here It Is. Everything Starts Next Week.

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Welcome to Unexplored Horizons. We are "live" but the fun doesn't actually start until next week. "What do you mean by fun?" you ask? Well, what I mean is that I'm not just posting the novel on my website. Sure, I'm going to do that, but I want to play around with a few other ideas just to see how they work out... so each week when I publish a new chapter, I'm going to do so three different ways: