Pay Me, Bug! now listed on Web Fiction Guide

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Pay Me, Bug! is now an official listing on Web Fiction Guide, a site where web fiction projects are cataloged and reviewed by editors and readers alike. Go on over to view the listing, and leave a review of your own (if you wish). While you're there, take a look at some of the other work other hardy souls have bravely thrown out on the web for all to see.

Tuesday Night Tweading Suspended

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The Internet is full of interesting ideas and experiments that never quite pan out. There's no shame in a failed experiment (perhaps a little embarrassment or disappointment, especially if you were invested in a specific outcome) and the failed ones can actually be more useful than the successful ones. When something fails, the specifics of the failure can be studied, mulled over, and planned against in future projects. When something works right the first time out, it's a lot harder to determine why.

I am currently performing a number of experiments: posting my novel online, podcasting my novel online, and tweeting the novel 140 characters at a time. One of these experiments -- using Twitter to tweet a chapter once a week -- has failed twice in a row, and the reasons for that failure have led me to suspend the experiment until I can figure out a workaround.

First Podcast of Pay Me, Bug! Available, with RSS Feed

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Look to your left and you'll see a link to the very first Podcast of Pay Me, Bug!. It's obviously not a professional job, and only time will tell if I manage to shake this currently unshakeable urge to read in a flat, boring monotone. Hopefully I either get over that before people lose interest or I find someone with an amazing reading voice willing to record for free... before people lose interest.

It's not the most unlistenable recording I've ever heard, so it'll do for now.