Story Cruft and Hindsight

Submitted by C B Wright on

When I was prepping Chapter 26 of Pay Me, Bug!" for posting, I remembered that it was originally a much longer chapter. I cut a fairly lengthy piece out of the middle of this chapter, which involved the process Grif went through to get his original face "scanned and saved" before his appearance was altered, so they'd be able to put it back just right.

I remember laughing when I cut it, because this is a SPACE OPERA, and one of the fun things about sciency fictiony stories is that you read about COOL GADGETS and NIFTY GIZMOS with FIDDLY BITS to them... and it was the description of the cool gadget doing nifty gizmo things, combined with the fiddling of the bits, that was taken out.

It All Ends October 20

Submitted by C B Wright on

Well... it doesn't all end October 20. However, based on my current calculations the final installment of Pay Me, Bug! will hit the site on October 20. When that happens, the story will be finished.

According to Harold Camping, of course, the world will end on October 21, to which I reply:

"Geez... critics."

The Pay Me, Bug! Playlist

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Some writers require complete silence in order to write. This doesn't work for me: I've tried it in the past, and whenever I put myself in seclusion, with no background noise at all, I fall asleep instead.

Just randomly listening to music can be counter-productive, because some music just doesn't fit with whatever it is you're trying to write. I get a lot of mileage streaming something I can mostly ignore (i.e., techno shoutcast channels and whatnot) but when I want something more portable and a little more engaging I create an official playlist.

For those of you who may be interested in what an official playlist for Pay Me, Bug! might look like, here it is: