Podcasts for The Points Between are Fixed...

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... there have been a few problems with the podcasts for The Points Between -- specifically, attempts to download some of the files were failing. It seems that when I updated the recordings on the first podcast, Drupal uploaded the file but didn't update the links, so it was still trying to link to an mp3 that no longer existed.

This should be fixed now. Those of you who are wondering why the RSS feed keeps changing... that's why, and I apologize for it.

Starting Next Week: The Points Between

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Charles Williams is my favorite Inkling.

That statement is sure to raise many legitimate questions. "What the hell is an Inkling?" springs to mind. "Who is Charles Williams?" is also a reasonable response. "Why is Charles Williams your favorite Inkling?" is probably the most pertinent question in terms of what I’m going to be doing on UnexploredHorizons for the next few months, but I'll address each question in turn, then get to the point of this post.