The Points Between Playlist

Submitted by C B Wright on

I tend to write to music. In fact, I like to create playlists specifically tailored to the story I am writing. Since I've already posted the playlist for Pay Me, Bug!, I figured I should do the same for The Points Between.

Pay Me, Bug!'s playlist was pretty simple and direct, and I would play it straight through in order the whole time I was writing. The Points Between is a little different. Depending on my mood, I will start with one of three songs, but the entire list is always randomized, so each time I write I'm listening to a slightly different set.

I suppose some of the music I chose might be considered a little spoilerish, so... if that would bother you, don't keep reading.

The oddities of eBook file sizes

Submitted by C B Wright on

When I started building the .mobi and .epub version of Pay Me, Bug! I immediately noticed a disparity in file sizes. The .epub weighed in at 600K--not too bad, in my opinion--while the .mobi, which was essentially the exact same book, only in a different format, was 1.2mb. I thought that was an amazing delta--what was .mobi doing that was making the file so large? It wasn't DRM, because I don't use it.