There's an Interview on the 19th (but the Internet Keeps Beating Me Down)

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Those of you who listen to FLOSS Weekly (Free Libre Open Source Software, a weekly podcast published by Leo Laporte's TWiT.tv network) might have heard, at the end of the last few episodes, that on August 19 Jeff Darlington "and some of his webcomics buddies" will be on the show to talk about free software in the webcomics world. As it happens, I am one of those "webcomics buddies," so on August 19 I'll be talking about how much free software is used in the creation and maintenance of my webcomic.

(Short answer: Everything I use is free software. I think.)

The Site Sits Idle For A While So I Can Move Into A House

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We now have a place to live in WV. This week, and maybe next week, will be an "adjustment period" while I move out of the Super 8 hotel and into the permenant dwellings.

During this time I won't have internet access at home so there will be no comic-related activity. Once that has passed, however, I may actually have a (gasp!) stable schedule and be able to (shock!) start "consistently" producing entertainment again.

I put quotes around "consistent" because... well. You know.

Wish me luck!

Lucky Thirteen -- Help Desk is now a teenager

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Thirteen years is a long time for me to be doing anything. Thirteen years doing a cut & paste strip about the computer industry is a ridiculously long time in my book. Some of my current readers who are just entering college were four or five years old when I started doing this on a copy of Novell Presentations running in a Win32 session on my beloved OS/2 Warp 3 machine. I was 24 when I started and I'm turning 38 in July. For some reason all this adds up to making me feel old. And despite occasional flashes of paranoia, where I imagine there are a bunch of young webcartoonists waiting in the shadows for this dodgy old guy to give up and start doing something else so they can remake the world of webcomics in their new, shiny, well-drawn image (1), all in all it's been a pretty satisfying run so far.

Site News: The Week of Thanksgiving Will Be Spotty

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This week will be uneven as far as updates are concerned. It's the week of Thanksgiving over here in the US so on Wednesday we'll be traveling to visit with family and I'll probably not have regular Internet access from there on out.

And on Monday -- cross your fingers -- I might be in New Orleans on a three week tech writing contract. So next week may be spotty as well.

Of course, there's always a chance I'll get my act together and build up a queue of new comics to bridge the gap...