Old Skool Webcomic #20

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

Today Old Skool Webcomic published its twentieth strip. I know you are all well aware of what a huge milestone twenty comics is in the world of webcomics, so I wanted to share this very special moment with the rest of you.

It took me three years to get here. I look forward to getting to #40 in 2012 -- just before the world ends!

I'm Not Dead -- Just Really, Really Busy

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

I know, I know. I have a storyline to wrap up and a lot of other things to do with the site. Unfortunately my paying gig has been in "crunch time" for the last month and a half and the last week or two in particular has been very demanding of my time and energy, so pretty much everything else has fallen by the wayside.

But I am planning a rally and return. Maybe as soon as tomorrow. I'm just trying to get my jellified brain to coalesce into something that resembles the semifirm grey matter it used to be. Also, in a semi-related announcement, this November it will once again be time for National Novel Writing Month.

FLOSS update - If You Want To Watch The Show...

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

If you're interested in viewing the live broadcast of the episode of FLOSS I'm going to be participating in, head on over to TWiT Live around 4:30pm EST, 1:30pm PST... I guess around 8:30pm GMT (if we're still factoring in daylight savings time over there) or 9:30pm GMT (if we're not). If you're not interested in the video feed then the podcast will released sometime on Saturday over here.

Site News: It's Like Bringing Mutton to a Vegan Swap

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

So, as previously mentioned on the site...

I'm going to be participating in the FLOSS Weekly Podcast on Wednesday the 19th. FLOSS stands for "Free Libre Open Source Software," and each week hosts Randal Schwartz and Leo Laporte interview people involved in the development of Free and Open Source Software.

Well, almost each week. This week they've decided to do something a little different and interview some webcartoonists instead.

There's an Interview on the 19th (but the Internet Keeps Beating Me Down)

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

Those of you who listen to FLOSS Weekly (Free Libre Open Source Software, a weekly podcast published by Leo Laporte's TWiT.tv network) might have heard, at the end of the last few episodes, that on August 19 Jeff Darlington "and some of his webcomics buddies" will be on the show to talk about free software in the webcomics world. As it happens, I am one of those "webcomics buddies," so on August 19 I'll be talking about how much free software is used in the creation and maintenance of my webcomic.

(Short answer: Everything I use is free software. I think.)