The Points Between

The Points Between Playlist

Submitted by C B Wright on

I tend to write to music. In fact, I like to create playlists specifically tailored to the story I am writing. Since I've already posted the playlist for Pay Me, Bug!, I figured I should do the same for The Points Between.

Pay Me, Bug!'s playlist was pretty simple and direct, and I would play it straight through in order the whole time I was writing. The Points Between is a little different. Depending on my mood, I will start with one of three songs, but the entire list is always randomized, so each time I write I'm listening to a slightly different set.

I suppose some of the music I chose might be considered a little spoilerish, so... if that would bother you, don't keep reading.

Podcasts for The Points Between are Fixed...

Submitted by C B Wright on

... there have been a few problems with the podcasts for The Points Between -- specifically, attempts to download some of the files were failing. It seems that when I updated the recordings on the first podcast, Drupal uploaded the file but didn't update the links, so it was still trying to link to an mp3 that no longer existed.

This should be fixed now. Those of you who are wondering why the RSS feed keeps changing... that's why, and I apologize for it.