Pay Me, Bug! is in the Immerse-Or-Die StoryBundle

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Update: The ImmerseOrDie bundle is now live!

The 15th of April is a day of woe and suffering here in the United States. That's our deadline for filing Federal Income Taxes, you see, and that's when a lot of us watch sadly as we stuff envelopes full of money and watch that money fly away, never to return. It's a time of change: specifically, a time when change is really all we have left, jingling uselessly in our pockets.

It's a perfect time for a StoryBundle. And if you're going to buy a StoryBundle, why not buy one with Pay Me, Bug! in it?

On April 15, StoryBundle will launch a new collection of eight indie Fantasy and Science Fiction titles. It's the ImmerseOrDie StoryBundle, eight books (including mine) that passed the ImmerseOrDie Report.

Patreon: Because November Isn't Busy Enough

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Things I did yesterday:

Why would I even think of doing this in November, you ask? Because when I make poor decisions, I make them enthusiastically.

An Apology to Self-Publishers: #HaleNo, #bloggerblackout, and Sloppy Comparisons

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About a week ago an author named Kathleen Hale wrote an article in the Guardian about how she reacted to a bad review by an anonymous book reviewer by trying to track down the reviewer in real life. It was stalking, plain and simple: there’s no other way to describe it, and there’s no reason it should be described any other way.

Introducing The Pen and Cape Society

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A few months ago I joined The Pen and Cape Society.

“What is that?” I hear you ask. Well it’s a group—a posse, if you will—of writers who create superhero fiction. The website describes it as “a collection of superhero fiction authors dedicated to cross-promotion and increasing awareness of the genre.” I create superhero fiction, and I could do with a little more awareness of the genre myself, so joining seemed like a no-brainer. If you ever see me using the hashtag #pencape on Twitter, that’s what I’m referring to.

“That’s all very well,” I hear you say, “but who are these people, exactly?” Well,I couldn’t tell you anything about their personal lives. I’ve never met them. In that respect we’re more like a secret society than a posse. Or an organization of supervillains... yes, yes, that’s it exactly. We meet in private forums. If we ever do video conferencing I suspect we’ll all be silhouettes on a screen, our voices electronically distorted so we’d never be able to recognize each other in public. We will all be stroking white, fluffy cats during our conversations (the cats will inexplicably be plainly visible even as we are all shrouded in shadow) and meetings will be tough to get through due to our tendencies toward monologuing, which is second only to our tendency to break into fits of uncontrollable, maniacal laughter.

Muah. Muaha. Muahahahaha. Ha. Hah. Ah.


“Fine,” I hear you say, “but what do they write?” Well that I can help you with: I’ve been reading their stuff. There are currently 22 members in our dastardly organization, and so far I’ve read ten. Ten is a solid number to start with, so without further ado: here are The First Ten Authors of the Pen and Cape Society Whose Work I’ve Read (More To Follow).