Pay Me, Bug!

Slashing prices for science (SCIENCE!)

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Pay Me, Bug! book cover The month of March will be host to a little experiment I'm performing. I've heard a lot of independent authors who sell eBooks rave (rave, I tell you!) about the advantages of selling an eBook for only $0.99 (that's right -- 99 cents). There seems to be a general feeling that this price point is so low it encourages "impulse buys" and can significant increase sales.

Is it true? Can it be done? Or is it simply the fevered imaginings of desperate authors looking for patterns to explain why people are buying (or not buying) their books? There's only one way to find out... the judicious use of science (SCIENCE!)

Pay Me, Bug! now on iTunes

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Well, grinding through the whole Smashwords submission process was unbelievably painful, but one of the end results is that it's now available on iTunes for iPhones, iPads, and other iThings.

... it's also, I should mention, a little more expensive. It's listed at $3.99 instead of $3.50, which is the price everywhere else. That was not my doing. I suspect either Smashwords or Apple added some markup to the base price.

Anyway--if you were waiting till it got on iTunes to give it a try, wait no more!

The Top Ten Reasons To Buy Pay Me, Bug!

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Those of you who have visited Unexplored Horizons, my fiction site, are already familiar with the Oscar Wilde inspired, space opera/heist novel that I started publishing in serial form at the beginning of January, culminating the release of the novel, in its entirety, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and now Smashwords, with more to come.1

But hey, who are we kidding? I know exactly how large that population is, and it ain't that big. Last year, most of you read what I was going to do, shrugged your shoulders, decided it wasn't your thing, and gave it a pass. Which, you know, is cool--it's your time to spend, after all, and you should spend it how you see fit.

Seriously, it's cool. No hard feelings.

. . .

...but as long you're here, let me take this opportunity to give you not one, not five, but ten reasons why you should consider forking over the three dollars and fifty cents (US) needed to buy Pay Me, Bug! as an eBook. I mean, you still don't have to buy, but hey--you should at least read the top ten list, right? Who is that going to hurt?2

So without further ado: the Top Ten Reasons You Should Buy Pay Me, Bug!

One: Grif shoots first.

  • 1. I hope. Assuming I can get a Word document to properly respond to my hand signals.
  • 2. In the interest of full disclosure, it may legitimately hurt anyone who is overcome with the urge to repeatedly strike themselves as a result of reading the top ten list. If you feel you might be one of those people, reading the top ten list is not generally recommended.

Pay Me, Bug! vs. Smashwords: Round One

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Putting Pay Me, Bug! on and was only the first step in my Plan For World Domination. The next step is to try to get it on, because Smashwords can also distribute it to other outlets--specifically the iTunes ebook market, but also Kobo and a few others where I don't currently reach.

But Smashwords is a pain in the ass to use.