Pay Me, Bug!

Twitter says "TL,DR"

Submitted by C B Wright on

Twitter apparently restricts its users to a set number of tweets each day. It further restricts its users to a subset of those tweets every few hours. It looks like tonight I actually hit that wall while I was tweading Chapter One. Twitter stopped allowing me to update @paymebug in mid-sentence.

Yeesh. Critics.

Anyway, there were some interesting aspects to using Twitter to publish a novel. Essentially I learned two things:

1. Ernest Hemmingway would have little difficulty adapting to the 140 character limit.

2. I am not Ernest Hemmingway.

Subluminal Engines

Submitted by C B Wright on

The Subluminal engine -- a starship engine that cannot exceed the speed of light -- is one of the staple technologies of modern spacecraft. Most are, when distilled to their bare components, very complicated rockets: they produce powerful streams of particles that shoot away from the ship and propel it forward. The most common form of superluminal engine is the fusion drive. It has become the standard by which other drives are measured, providing a reasonably powerful, fairly efficient and mostly safe method of producing thrust.


Submitted by C B Wright on

Whenever the phrase "We have conquered the known galaxy" is used -- sometimes by a politician, almost always by a demagogue -- it must be considered hyperbole. The known galaxy, after all, is much larger than the part of the galaxy that has actually been settled by the sentient races, and as knowledge has a tendency to increase faster than civilisation has a tendency to expand, conquering the known galaxy is, according to many, a virtual impossibility. Those who insist on using the phrase "we have conquered the known galaxy" as if it were immutable fact are usually suffering from delusions that make other aspects of their life difficult.