All Hail the Eviscerati

Status Report: Here Is Us, On The Raggedy Edge

Submitted by C B Wright on
Still (and article title) taken from the movie Serenity. Browncoats unite!

A not particularly pleasant update:

You may be wondering where I've been for the last two months. Issue 26 of Curveball was supposed to come out in September, after all, and here it is almost the end of October and it's turning into another round of "will he or won't he" terms of getting everything ready on time. Well I haven't forgotten or abandoned any of you, but the non-digital world has been very demanding of late.

In August the long-term contract I was working ended. I have been looking for work ever since, but apparently I haven't been looking very well because so far nothing's come of it. I had two strong possibilities: one didn't work out, one is still a possibility but I'm waiting to hear. In the meantime I'm not resting on my laurels, but I'm also not making a whole lot of progress.

At some point very soon I'm going to completely run out of money, and I have no idea what will happen if I get there. I'll be frank, trying to plan for that is terrifying. I don't know precisely what will happen next, and I'm not really looking forward to finding out.

Turning 44, and the State Of Various Things

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Usually when I have a birthday I do something silly like post my age in binary, or hexadecimal, or occasionally I post a link to a cause I'd like people to support. Once I asked people to review my books as a birthday present. I'm not doing any of that today, though I will note that 44 doesn't actually feel like 44. It doesn't feel like 34, either. It certainly doesn't feel like 24. I don't know specifically what it feels like, it just doesn't feel like the vague idea I had of 44 when I was every other age leading up to 44.

The Month Of Feverish Creation

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Although February is significant for reasons far more worthy than my own, I am declaring that this February shall be my very own Month of Feverish Creation.

"What is a Month of Feverish Creation," you ask? It is a month where I spend every free moment creating. A month where I try to push myself as hard as I can to create as much as I can. How far can I go? How much can I take on? How much content can I create if I force myself to dive into it and stay there?

Comics, yes. Fiction, yes. Podcasts, yes. Anything else... maybe, but I figure that's enough to keep me occupied for quite some time.

So yeah, that starts Sunday.

Eric Raymond on Internet Censorship

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Eric Raymond in an open letter to Former Senator Chris Dodd:

We will not have it censored. We built the Internet as a tool to make every individual human being on the planet more empowered. What the users do with the Internet is up to them – not up to Hollywood, not up to politicians, and not even up to us who built it. Whatever else we Internet geeks may disagree on among ourselves, we will not allow our gift of fire to be snuffed out by jealous gods.

Certifiably Insane

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The process of moving the site over to a "secure," certificate-based setup has been what most reasonable people could describe a "messy" process. For the most part it's working, but it's not working well -- there's a great chance that when you first arrive your browser will scream OH MY GOD THIS SITE DOESN'T MATCH UP WITH ITS CERTIFICATE AND I'M NOT SAYING YOU CAN'T GO THERE BUT I WON'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE WHEN HE STEALS YOUR IDENTITY AND SKIPS OFF TO ARUBA WITH YOUR LIFE SAVINGS which isn't the kind of first impression I relish making.

So below I discuss, in as much detail as I understand (because this entire process is pretty foreign to me) what I've done, why I've done it, what I still need to fix, and when the insanity will end.

If you don't have enough time to read the whole thing I'll reveal the surprise ending: the insanity doesn't end. It's all downhill from here...