The Return of the Podcasts

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Waaaaay back when I first started posting fiction I used to post podcasts of every episode I published. You can still go through the archives and listen to my original attempts at recording Pay Me, Bug! -- if you insist -- though when I listen to them these days, I die a little inside.

Having all my fiction in audiobook format is something I really want to happen. My preferred solution for this is to get a brilliant narrator to read all my stories, bringing each character to life. Unfortunately, right now my budget for narrators is...

...well. Me. My budget is me.

Hey, Internet, Can You Maybe Solve My Problem

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NOTE: This has been fixed. See comments for explanation. Thanks all!

Remember when I said my site upgrade from Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) to Precise (12.04) went flawlessly? Well, I'm not sure that's true. I've been trying to solve a funny little problem that I can't figure out, without success. I was just on the verge of descending into despair (I still might get a series of Mark vs. Computer comics out of it) when it occurred to me: my readers are, by and large, a lot smarter than I am. So follow me below the cut where I relate to you my tale of woe, in the hopes that one of you knows exactly what is going on...

Another Issue With RSS Feeds

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OK, those of you who have experience managing RSS feeds, especially Drupal RSS feeds, I could use some advice.

I've had people suggest using a site like Feedburner to manage my RSS feeds. The advantages of using a site like that are compelling:

  • It would allow me to track total number of subscribers for each feed, which none of my site traffic/statistic tools currently do.
  • It would allow me to consider monetizing the feeds by inserting ads into them.

OK, it's only two reasons, but both are pretty compelling. Based on some quick-and-dirty research using one or two analytical plugins for Drupal, it's quite possible that the bulk of my audience actually comes from RSS subscribers rather than site visitors.

The Mystery of the (Apparently) Flawless Upgrade

Submitted by C B Wright on

This weekend I had two projects:

  1. Drupal needed to be updated, as well as some of its plugins.
  2. I wanted to upgrading my server, which was running Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) to Ubuntu Precise (12.04).

Of the two, upgrading the server was potentially the most problematic. In fact, if you do a Google search on the topic, you'll find a lot of posts about how difficult it is... but in order to support some of the features I use in Drupal, I had to add some official repositories to my Lucid install to give me access to newer versions of PHP and mySQL, and those repositories were apparently no longer around. Moving to Precise would solve that problem, and allow me to once again benefit from SECURITY PATCHES on these venerable applications. So... that was a compelling argument to try.