Flawless Victory!

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

We got moved out of the house, on time, with most of our sanity intact. Whether we get our security deposit back remains to be seen - a college friend of mine was fond of saying "the security deposit is just the fee you pay for the privilege of losing your security deposit" - but we're out, in our temporary habitat, and all our stuff currently resides in 300 square feet of storage.

Next: figure out how much taxes are going to hurt.

Next after that: find new digs.

The Return of the Forums

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

On the theory that it's not always convenient to have to find an old post to comment on it, and on the (further) theory that some old posts with locked comments are still worth discussing, and on the (yet one more) theory that there are times when you'll want to start a topic that has something to do with something on this site without waiting for me to create a post on it myself, I have, once again, set up forums on this site.

Welcome back! One issue of note.

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

We're running Drupal 7 now, and I think everything is mostly working, with one caveat.

If you are running Firefox or Chrome with the Firebug plugin, you may trigger an infinite javascript loop whenever you encounter the podcasting widget. Choosing the "Clear Activation List" function in the Firebug menu appears to alleviate the problem until the browser restarts. I don't have a good solution for this at the moment. If you have a good solution, suggestion, or can simply provide more information about the javascript error, please post here or drop me a line via the Contact form.

Drupal 7 Conversion, Round 5,423,448

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

Over the weekend I took a fairly recent copy of my database and tried running the Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 upgrade, and found--much to my surprise--that most of the stuff that didn't work before works now. It's been fairly encouraging: there were a few issues that I've mostly managed to work through at this point, to the extent that I might actually be able to upgrade this thing once and for all.