The Return of the Podcasts

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Waaaaay back when I first started posting fiction I used to post podcasts of every episode I published. You can still go through the archives and listen to my original attempts at recording Pay Me, Bug! -- if you insist -- though when I listen to them these days, I die a little inside.

Having all my fiction in audiobook format is something I really want to happen. My preferred solution for this is to get a brilliant narrator to read all my stories, bringing each character to life. Unfortunately, right now my budget for narrators is...

...well. Me. My budget is me.

Eviscerati.Org is now Ad-Free

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As I'm writing these words right now I'm looking at an ad on my site exhorting you to pay $5 in order to 30,000 Twitter followers. I'll say it again: an ad on my site is trying to hawk fake Twitter followers for five dollars.

And how much am I getting for the privilege of showing an ad promising to deliver 30,000 sockpuppets to your Twitter account after you pay them less than the cost of a Happy Meal?

Eight cents a day.

I think it's time to acknowledge that, for my site at least, ads just aren't working.

State of the Eviscerati, August 2012

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Here's what's happenning at Chez Eviscerati:

Help Desk: Started a new storyline last week. Comics resume updating tomorrow.

The Points Between: I'm actively writing Chapter 23. I expect to be finished with it some time this week.

Curveball: Issue Two should be out Wednesday.

The site now has Forums which I've started to use to log and track site issues. It's very bare-bones at the moment--only two forum groups at the moment--but if you have suggestions or requests I'll be happy to consider them. At the moment you need an account to create new posts but I believe you can respond anonymously.

Drupal 7 tweaks and changes: A few issues got resolved this week. A few more still need to be addressed. More information below the cut.

The Eviscerati.Org/Drupal 7 Changelog

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People are noticing that the change from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 brought with it a few changes in the way the site works… and that some of the changes are more accurately described as “regressions,” since in some cases the site has lost functionality that it used to have. This post is an attempt to list as many of the changes that I can think of so you’ll know what is different.

The Return of the Forums

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On the theory that it's not always convenient to have to find an old post to comment on it, and on the (further) theory that some old posts with locked comments are still worth discussing, and on the (yet one more) theory that there are times when you'll want to start a topic that has something to do with something on this site without waiting for me to create a post on it myself, I have, once again, set up forums on this site.

Welcome back! One issue of note.

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We're running Drupal 7 now, and I think everything is mostly working, with one caveat.

If you are running Firefox or Chrome with the Firebug plugin, you may trigger an infinite javascript loop whenever you encounter the podcasting widget. Choosing the "Clear Activation List" function in the Firebug menu appears to alleviate the problem until the browser restarts. I don't have a good solution for this at the moment. If you have a good solution, suggestion, or can simply provide more information about the javascript error, please post here or drop me a line via the Contact form.