Privacy Statement

Submitted by C B Wright on

'Tis the season to tell people exactly what information we do and do not collect. Most sites are doing this because the European Union just passed a law that makes them. I'm not entirely convinced this site is obliged to do any such thing, but I do believe that making people aware of what information is gathered and used on the net is a Very Good Thing. As such, I present to you, to the very best of my knowledge, a list of information that is collected and used by Eviscerati.Org.

Internet Explorer 6, Thou Art My Enemy

Submitted by C B Wright on

Internet Explorer version 6 is without a doubt a blight upon the Internet.

A pestilence, a putrescence, a profligate bastard-child of a lumbering giant that does not deserve the amount of time and effort I spend on trying to make it look right. A stellar example of base perfidy, it was designed to do nothing less than to break the World Wide Web.