The Return of the Podcasts

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Waaaaay back when I first started posting fiction I used to post podcasts of every episode I published. You can still go through the archives and listen to my original attempts at recording Pay Me, Bug! -- if you insist -- though when I listen to them these days, I die a little inside.

Having all my fiction in audiobook format is something I really want to happen. My preferred solution for this is to get a brilliant narrator to read all my stories, bringing each character to life. Unfortunately, right now my budget for narrators is...

...well. Me. My budget is me.

Two Items Of Note

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Two pieces of news for today:

1. I'm starting to see comment spam again. This is of course inevitable, because spambots are pure evil. Those of you who have accounts on the site have the ability to flag comments as spam when you run across them... please feel free to do so. Marked comments are sent to a queue that I can review when I get home, so if you accidentally tag a comment as spam when it wasn't don't worry, I can rescue it and return it to its proper place.

2. There will be a new Kernel Panic tomorrow. And there was much rejoicing.

Comic Transcription Module Re-Activated

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Two security updates of Drupal back I turned off the transcription module in order to minimize problems when I updated the database. Unfortunately I forgot to turn it back on for a long time. When I finally did I started transcribing comics again (and so have some of you -- thank you very much for your help).

The status of transcribed comics:

Old Skool Webcomic: 100% Transcribed

Kernel Panic: 100% Transcribed

Help Desk: 57% Transcribed (as of 9 March)

The Trouble With Being A Solo Act

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One of the really great things about being on Keenspot was that when my site went down I could send a message off to the list ("ACK! SITE DOWN!") and then a few hours later (taking into consideration that I lived on the East Coast and the admins lived on the West Coast, and that I usually found out about my site being down at 5 or 6 AM, before I went off to work) someone else would fix it.

These days I'm responsible for maintaining my server and the site and pretty much everything else. Just me.

Cartoonist v. Database (Round Two)

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I don't want to jinx anything, but I think I can tentatively award this round to me. Time will tell to see if everything is working the way I need it to, but so far so good.

When I moved off of Keenspot my long-term plan was to essentially run three sites: for the comic, for more detailed rants against the excesses of the Computer industry, and for... well, I hadn't quite figured that out yet (though I have now). When I originally set everything up I created three different Drupal installations, each with their own modules, their own databases, and their own logins.

This proved to be a royal pain in the neck to keep up to date. When Drupal was updated to 5.2 (a security release, so I needed to update accordingly) I had to upgrade three sites. Whenever a module was updated it had to be added to three sites. You, my readers, would be forced to create three separate accounts -- one for each site -- if you wanted to have editing privileges on the other sites. It was much too difficult to maintain, so I decided to focus on and hold off on the other sites until I could solve those problems.

Site Instability!

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Last night I made some changes to the site that were intended to Make Life Easier For Me. This was probably a bad idea, because whenever I try to do that I generally wind up breaking something... this time was no exception. I spent most of the night (and morning!) trying to undo what I had wrought. Luckily, I fixed most of it, though there is something decidedly screwy about the bottom half of this page...

... anyway, the site may be unstable for the next day or two as I continue to try to get Everything To Work The Way It Should.