Oh No, Not Again - It Might Be Time to Migrate to Drupal 8

Submitted by C B Wright on

Short version: after finally updating all my Linux machines to the latest version of Ubuntu/KDE, I can no longer run my Drupal 7 test environments. This means I can no longer test any changes to Eviscerati.org, which makes me uncomfortable.

Drupal 8 runs fine though. Which means... ugh, I don't even want to say it. I may have to migrate the site from D7 to D8.

Someone remind me -- why are tables bad?

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For a few days I've been tinkering around with a new Drupal template that I thought I could modify to spruce up the site and bit and make it a little easier to manage. The current template I'm using is mostly home-grown, and while I'm pretty pleased with what I've been able to get it to do it is... temperamental and very easy to break.

This new template, on the other hand, was a dream to use -- it's columns worked right, I was able to re-size the browser without breaking anything, it looked good in every browser I tested it in...

... because it uses tables.

If you can read this then nothing is wrong

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Today I started getting messages from people saying that when they tried to access my website they were getting webmail login screens instead of, you know, my website. After talking with one of my readers I think I've figured out what the problem is, but I haven't quite figured out how to fix it.

I'm working on it. If you can read this then I fixed it.

Or it hasn't hit you yet.

Technology is fun and it makes your life better.

Two Items Of Note

Submitted by C B Wright on

Two pieces of news for today:

1. I'm starting to see comment spam again. This is of course inevitable, because spambots are pure evil. Those of you who have accounts on the site have the ability to flag comments as spam when you run across them... please feel free to do so. Marked comments are sent to a queue that I can review when I get home, so if you accidentally tag a comment as spam when it wasn't don't worry, I can rescue it and return it to its proper place.

2. There will be a new Kernel Panic tomorrow. And there was much rejoicing.