The Return of the Podcasts

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Waaaaay back when I first started posting fiction I used to post podcasts of every episode I published. You can still go through the archives and listen to my original attempts at recording Pay Me, Bug! -- if you insist -- though when I listen to them these days, I die a little inside.

Having all my fiction in audiobook format is something I really want to happen. My preferred solution for this is to get a brilliant narrator to read all my stories, bringing each character to life. Unfortunately, right now my budget for narrators is...

...well. Me. My budget is me.

Site News: The Good News Is I've Been Keeping Multiple Backups. The Bad News Is They Were Corrupted.

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All day yesterday I was in a great mood. I'd decided to spin off the "PCtown" storyline into its own mini-run comic in order to resume the M-F publication schedule of Help Desk and it felt like things were going to return to normal.

Late afternoon I received a notice that Drupal, the CMS I use to publish Help Desk, had released an update that fixed a critical security flaw. So I downloaded the update, applied the update, and updated the database...

... and the site broke. My relatively good day turned into a pretty horrible evening... and a pretty lousy today, too.

Anonymous Comments Disabled

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Unfortunately I have had to disable anonymous comments. Why, you ask? Because the bot spammers are going berzerk on my site. I spent all day travelling 17 1/2 hours (nearly 1000 miles) going from Charlottesville, VA to Monroe, LA, and when I finally get home I find spambots have had a field day in my absence. My personal favorite was the one that advertised a "boob-enlarging ringtone."

I hope this will be temporary. If you want to comment on the site you can always create an account. Lately it usually works...