Privacy Statement

Submitted by C B Wright on

'Tis the season to tell people exactly what information we do and do not collect. Most sites are doing this because the European Union just passed a law that makes them. I'm not entirely convinced this site is obliged to do any such thing, but I do believe that making people aware of what information is gathered and used on the net is a Very Good Thing. As such, I present to you, to the very best of my knowledge, a list of information that is collected and used by Eviscerati.Org.

All Actions Have Consequences. These Are Mine.

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This post is probably much longer than it needs to be, filled with anecdotes and reminiscences. For those of you who don't want to bother with the buildup, the summary is that I'm running out of money, and as a result I may have to take down EvisceratiNet (,, for a while until I can afford to resume publishing. There are ways out of this predicament--a sudden influx of money from enthusiastic supporters, a sudden offer of a decent job, a sudden winning lottery ticket--but given the current economic climate I'm thinking the lottery ticket is my best shot.

I go into more detail after the break.

Site News: The Good News Is I've Been Keeping Multiple Backups. The Bad News Is They Were Corrupted.

Submitted by C B Wright on

All day yesterday I was in a great mood. I'd decided to spin off the "PCtown" storyline into its own mini-run comic in order to resume the M-F publication schedule of Help Desk and it felt like things were going to return to normal.

Late afternoon I received a notice that Drupal, the CMS I use to publish Help Desk, had released an update that fixed a critical security flaw. So I downloaded the update, applied the update, and updated the database...

... and the site broke. My relatively good day turned into a pretty horrible evening... and a pretty lousy today, too.

Anonymous Comments Disabled

Submitted by C B Wright on

Unfortunately I have had to disable anonymous comments. Why, you ask? Because the bot spammers are going berzerk on my site. I spent all day travelling 17 1/2 hours (nearly 1000 miles) going from Charlottesville, VA to Monroe, LA, and when I finally get home I find spambots have had a field day in my absence. My personal favorite was the one that advertised a "boob-enlarging ringtone."

I hope this will be temporary. If you want to comment on the site you can always create an account. Lately it usually works...