The Return of the Podcasts

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Waaaaay back when I first started posting fiction I used to post podcasts of every episode I published. You can still go through the archives and listen to my original attempts at recording Pay Me, Bug! -- if you insist -- though when I listen to them these days, I die a little inside.

Having all my fiction in audiobook format is something I really want to happen. My preferred solution for this is to get a brilliant narrator to read all my stories, bringing each character to life. Unfortunately, right now my budget for narrators is...

...well. Me. My budget is me.

Troubleshooting The Site Crashes

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Thursday the site crashed again. I'm pretty sure it's a mysql problem, which is unfortunate because I don't have enough experience with mysql to figure out how to prevent it from happening. However, after looking at my database after the last few crashes I found something interesting. Maybe one of my considerably-more-experienced readers can suggest some way to avoid this problem in the future? Read on.

Items of Interest

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Well, I'm back from Louisiana. I'm pleased to report that everything went well, the adoption was finalized and everything is completely legal. All we have to do is wait for Louisiana to mail us her amended birth certificate.

Thank you to everyone for all your well wishes.

Now for some more site-specific news (after the break).

Comments Return

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I have re-enabled comments on the site. I'll be at work all day today so I won't be able to administer any spam that creeps in. To discourage spambots I've required that all comments be previewed before they post. I know some people have been annoyed by this in the past (and it won't block 100% of the bots in use today) but it's better than setting up captchas or disabling anonymous posting.

Site News: Concerning Spam

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As some of you have noticed the spambots have been targeting the site again. Drupal doesn't have any built-in spam tools -- I'm using a module that is still being developed for Drupal 6, and it's missing a few features that would make administering it a lot easier. The module has promise but it's development pace is slow (it's the work of one developer in his spare time) so I'm using what I have with the hope that there will be more functionality down the road.

At the moment, the tool I'm using snags most of the spam that hits the site. However, about once a month there's a volley of spam that manages to get through the filters that I have to go take care of myself. We appear to be in one of those incursions at the moment.