Privacy Statement

Submitted by C B Wright on

'Tis the season to tell people exactly what information we do and do not collect. Most sites are doing this because the European Union just passed a law that makes them. I'm not entirely convinced this site is obliged to do any such thing, but I do believe that making people aware of what information is gathered and used on the net is a Very Good Thing. As such, I present to you, to the very best of my knowledge, a list of information that is collected and used by Eviscerati.Org.

It might look the same, but it's new all over...

Submitted by C B Wright on

Welcome back. You may have noticed the "under construction" sign that's been up for the last two or three weeks (I honestly can't remember how long it's been at this point -- it's all one big nightmarish blur). The site has gone through some fairly radical changes under the hood, and I'm pleased to say that they appear to have been mostly successful. Mostly.

Of course, most of the changes required I lock everyone out while I was doing them, so they haven't been properly tested. Welcome back, beta team!

The Latest Spam Purge left some Collateral Damage

Submitted by C B Wright on

Sorry for being away for so long. There was One Last Big Push at work, then I got strep throat.

Getting rid of the latest pile of blogspam appears to have removed a number of legitimate posts (mostly posts commenting on the blogspam). Apologies for this. I suspect it removed those posts because they were treated as responses to the spam posts, and it deleted the entire "thread." Never mind my comments aren't threaded...

I think there's a fix for this and I'll try to set it up so it doesn't happen again...

Yes, I'm Still Alive. No, I Haven't Quit. Yes, We Have No Banannas.

Submitted by C B Wright on

Just a quick update. My day job is still shoving the rest of my free time aside, so those of you waiting for me to update again are going to have to wait a little longer. By "little" I mean "an unspecified amount of time." I find it incredibly frustrating, because I was just starting to get into a publication rhythm when my day job grabbed me by the neck and started shoving me repeatedly against the wall.

I am managing to get a few things done, they're just not comics.