Flawless Victory!

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

We got moved out of the house, on time, with most of our sanity intact. Whether we get our security deposit back remains to be seen - a college friend of mine was fond of saying "the security deposit is just the fee you pay for the privilege of losing your security deposit" - but we're out, in our temporary habitat, and all our stuff currently resides in 300 square feet of storage.

Next: figure out how much taxes are going to hurt.

Next after that: find new digs.

Working My Way To The Bullpen

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

Events and things1 have thus far prevented more comics this week, but I hope tomorrow will be better. Meanwhile, I have more information on what you can expect from Unexplored Horizons, the new addition to EvisceratiNet where I will publish my fiction.

I remember back when I was on Keenspot I asked the member's mailing list whether they thought a website devoted to publishing fiction would work. The general consensus was no, and I agreed with them. Common wisdom at the time was that people didn't have the patience to wade through an ocean of text printed on a web browser the same way they would a comic. Common wisdom also stated that even people who were willing to try would find themselves getting tired, because monitor resolutions were so poor compared to the crispness of text on paper. Even as recently as 2007, none other than Cory Doctorow, one of the most successful personalities in the world of independent publishing and e-publishing, wrote that computers and networked electronic devices were antithetical to longform writing (i.e., novels.)

At the time I was swayed by the argument that the web was ill-suited for text-based storytelling, but I was overlooking something important: once upon a time people said that comics didn't belong on the web.

  • 1. Specifically, things that are other events. I say "events and things" in order to make it appear that events are not the only cause of these comics delays. See what I did there? It's called "padding your content."

If you noticed it was broken... I don't think it's broken any more.

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A number of you have emailed me to report that a number of recent comics were no longer displaying on the site. I think I've fixed that now. I was modifying the site last night and some things were inadvertently hidden from view. They are now un-hidden...

Thank you for the heads up. Unfortunately there is still no comic today.

SSL working, To-do list shrinks considerably

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

So SSL is now functioning properly on my site, everything is redirecting to the proper URLs, and site cookies are now sent over encrypted connections only.1

I had to make a few sacrifices in order to get here. Banner ads are disabled until Project Wonderful implements its SSL supported ad functionality. I now have to pay for a signed certificate every year. Jury is still out on whether enforcing SSL will affect site performance in any appreciable manner. And once again my site no longer has single sign-on functionality (so far none of the Drupal modules I've looked at want to work).

Overall, though, it looks like I can take a breather from tinkering with the site for a while.2

  • 1. With one exception. Apparently Drupal issues a cookie named "has_js" when it detects that a browser has javascript enabled. I'm not entirely sure what this does, but from what I can gather it notifies Drupal that it can use fancy javascript effects on tools that make use of them. Firefox claims it is still sent over any type of connection, and I'm not sure whether that constitutes a problem. For the time being I'm assuming it doesn't put anything at risk, but I'm still looking into it.
  • 2. Maybe a week, if I'm lucky, then there will be another crisis. Or they'll release Drupal 7.

EvisceratiNet & Ubersoft.net going ad-free... for a while

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

In the process of trying to turn on SSL I've discovered that the ads served by Project Wonderful are only served over http: and not https:. This is what has been causing your browsers to report that some of the content on this site isn't secure.

I've been in contact with Project Wonderful and they plan to enable SSL-supported advertising soon, but it's not ready yet. I've volunteered to beta test it for them when the time comes, but until then I'm turning ads off. I don't consider Project Wonderful a security risk at all, I just think it's better for people visiting my site not to have to keep encountering those browser warnings.

SSL Status

Submitted by Christopher Wright on

SSL is active on the site.

70-90% of the time you should automatically be redirected to the secure link (https).

Some of the domains that redirect to eviscerati.net and ubersoft.net don't play nice with the certificate and if you hit them your browser will pop up a warning.

That's as far as I can go for the moment. Maybe tomorrow night I'll get the rest of the way there.