Oh No, Not Again - It Might Be Time to Migrate to Drupal 8

Submitted by C B Wright on

Short version: after finally updating all my Linux machines to the latest version of Ubuntu/KDE, I can no longer run my Drupal 7 test environments. This means I can no longer test any changes to Eviscerati.org, which makes me uncomfortable.

Drupal 8 runs fine though. Which means... ugh, I don't even want to say it. I may have to migrate the site from D7 to D8.

Quick Test

Submitted by C B Wright on

Don't mind me. This is just a quick test to make sure various doodads are working properly. If this behaves as expected it should only show up in the site news area and shouldn't be posted till around 9:00 AM EST.

Welcome back. Look out for trap doors and falling debris.

Submitted by C B Wright on

On Friday night Eviscerati.net, Ubersoft.net and UnexploredHorizons.net went dark. Tonight (Sunday, 29 January, 11:30-ish PM EST) Eviscerati.Org takes its place. In theory, now that I only have one website to manage instead of three, it should be a lot easier to keep track of everything. It's certainly a lot more streamlined--the database lost 30megs just from removing all the "let's try to duct tape three websites together" stuff, and there's still unused cruft sitting around.

Still, there are probably going to be some issues I missed that you will run into, trip over, and nearly blind yourself on.

Site(s) Going Dark This Weekend

Submitted by C B Wright on

The plan is that this weekend all the sites will be taken off line in order to do the Great Merge of 2012. All the testing I've done supports that this should work relatively well: by "relatively well" I mean "the site ought to be up on Monday and there should be a new comic."

The good news is that if by mid-Sunday I determine things just aren't working out, I'll just restore the database backup I'll be making this evening and the site as it currently exists will be back up on Monday, none the wiser.