Custom RSS Feeds Now Available

Submitted by C B Wright on

I haven't figured out how to put ads in them, so you, dear readers, luck out. For the moment, anyway.

If you want to subscribe only to the web comics in an RSS feed:


If you want to subscribe only to updates for The Points Between in an RSS feed:


If you want to subscribe only to the podcast for The Points Between in an RSS feed:


I think that covers everything. Fair warning, at some point I am going to try to put ads in these feeds. Another fair warning, I'm not including any site/administrative news in these feeds so if you subscribe to these feeds and these feeds only, you'll never know if I'm planning any drastic changes that might affect the feeds themselves.

Other than that... enjoy!

Quick Test

Submitted by C B Wright on

Don't mind me. This is just a quick test to make sure various doodads are working properly. If this behaves as expected it should only show up in the site news area and shouldn't be posted till around 9:00 AM EST.

Welcome back. Look out for trap doors and falling debris.

Submitted by C B Wright on

On Friday night Eviscerati.net, Ubersoft.net and UnexploredHorizons.net went dark. Tonight (Sunday, 29 January, 11:30-ish PM EST) Eviscerati.Org takes its place. In theory, now that I only have one website to manage instead of three, it should be a lot easier to keep track of everything. It's certainly a lot more streamlined--the database lost 30megs just from removing all the "let's try to duct tape three websites together" stuff, and there's still unused cruft sitting around.

Still, there are probably going to be some issues I missed that you will run into, trip over, and nearly blind yourself on.

Website Update Update... Update

Submitted by C B Wright on

Well! It sure is easier to consolidate three websites when you're not also trying to upgrade your CMS.

The integration is going very well over in my test area.

I have an almost 100% functional dummy site on my laptop that is showing everything its supposed to. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to clean everything up so there's not a bunch of useless junk sitting in the database.

This means I may actually try switching the site over this weekend.

Website Update Update

Submitted by C B Wright on

Those of you who follow me on Twitter already know that my initial work on updating this site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 has been... problematic.

The crux of the problem is this: my site relies very, very heavily on a module called Content Templates, which allows me to customize various content types Drupal uses so that I can do things like create context-sensitive menus (i.e., only show a menu for Help Desk when you're viewing a Help Desk comic) and add things I think are missing (i.e., provide navigation links to the top as well as the bottom of a node using the book content type).

I have an add-on for Drupal 6 that lets me track how many of my modules are actually supported by Drupal 7. Content Templates listed as supported, and the add-on even provided a link where I can download the Drupal 7 version...

... which meant I never actually visited the add-on page, where it was announced that Content Templates was essentially abandoned after a few developers releases because D7 changed the way it rendered pages and Content Templates no longer worked.