The Mystery of the (Apparently) Flawless Upgrade

Submitted by C B Wright on

This weekend I had two projects:

  1. Drupal needed to be updated, as well as some of its plugins.
  2. I wanted to upgrading my server, which was running Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) to Ubuntu Precise (12.04).

Of the two, upgrading the server was potentially the most problematic. In fact, if you do a Google search on the topic, you'll find a lot of posts about how difficult it is... but in order to support some of the features I use in Drupal, I had to add some official repositories to my Lucid install to give me access to newer versions of PHP and mySQL, and those repositories were apparently no longer around. Moving to Precise would solve that problem, and allow me to once again benefit from SECURITY PATCHES on these venerable applications. So... that was a compelling argument to try.

The Never-Ending Struggle to Drupal 7 (Update: Um... yeah. Nevermind)

Submitted by C B Wright on

Earlier this year I confidently spoke of the impending transition from Drupal 6 -- the CMS I'm currently using to host my site -- to Drupal 7, the latest version of Drupal that has been out for more than a year. It's something I need to do if I'm going to stay with Drupal, because when they release Drupal 8 they will stop supporting Drupal 6 and I no longer get patches, fixes, and updates to Drupal.

Custom RSS Feeds Now Available

Submitted by C B Wright on

I haven't figured out how to put ads in them, so you, dear readers, luck out. For the moment, anyway.

If you want to subscribe only to the web comics in an RSS feed:


If you want to subscribe only to updates for The Points Between in an RSS feed:


If you want to subscribe only to the podcast for The Points Between in an RSS feed:


I think that covers everything. Fair warning, at some point I am going to try to put ads in these feeds. Another fair warning, I'm not including any site/administrative news in these feeds so if you subscribe to these feeds and these feeds only, you'll never know if I'm planning any drastic changes that might affect the feeds themselves.

Other than that... enjoy!