Comic Transcription Module Re-Activated

Submitted by C B Wright on

Two security updates of Drupal back I turned off the transcription module in order to minimize problems when I updated the database. Unfortunately I forgot to turn it back on for a long time. When I finally did I started transcribing comics again (and so have some of you -- thank you very much for your help).

The status of transcribed comics:

Old Skool Webcomic: 100% Transcribed

Kernel Panic: 100% Transcribed

Help Desk: 57% Transcribed (as of 9 March)

The Trouble With Being A Solo Act

Submitted by C B Wright on

One of the really great things about being on Keenspot was that when my site went down I could send a message off to the list ("ACK! SITE DOWN!") and then a few hours later (taking into consideration that I lived on the East Coast and the admins lived on the West Coast, and that I usually found out about my site being down at 5 or 6 AM, before I went off to work) someone else would fix it.

These days I'm responsible for maintaining my server and the site and pretty much everything else. Just me.

Items of Note

Submitted by C B Wright on

1. The previous/next links have returned for comics appearing on the front page. I had attempted to alter the way comics are displayed on the front page in order to remove the comic transcription stuff (so the comic transcript text and tools would only appear on individual comic pages, not on the front page itself) but at the moment it's not possible to exclude the transcription tools on the front page without nuking the page links as well.

A Quick Update on Site Features

Submitted by C B Wright on

A week ago I had to disable the bookmark feature on this site because it was generating rampant SQL errors whenever anyone tried to use it. This was a result of updating the bookmark module to a more recent verion.

I will be going back to a previous (working) version. Unfortunately, when I re-install the bookmark module all previously assigned bookmarks will be gone. I apologize for this... I was hoping to preserve them, but in trying to fix the problem I wound up breaking it more.