Site Availability Update

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Got an email back from my Domain provider today -- their domain name servers are being hit by a DDoS attack, which appears to be responsible for the intermittent outages. It's inconvenient, but I'm afraid that's a fact of life on today's Internet. Eventually it should clear up. Meanwhile I'm behind on updates, and hope to have a new Help Desk and the latest chapter of Pay Me, Bug! up sometime this evening/tonight.

The Latest Spam Purge left some Collateral Damage

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Sorry for being away for so long. There was One Last Big Push at work, then I got strep throat.

Getting rid of the latest pile of blogspam appears to have removed a number of legitimate posts (mostly posts commenting on the blogspam). Apologies for this. I suspect it removed those posts because they were treated as responses to the spam posts, and it deleted the entire "thread." Never mind my comments aren't threaded...

I think there's a fix for this and I'll try to set it up so it doesn't happen again...

All Actions Have Consequences. These Are Mine.

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This post is probably much longer than it needs to be, filled with anecdotes and reminiscences. For those of you who don't want to bother with the buildup, the summary is that I'm running out of money, and as a result I may have to take down EvisceratiNet (,, for a while until I can afford to resume publishing. There are ways out of this predicament--a sudden influx of money from enthusiastic supporters, a sudden offer of a decent job, a sudden winning lottery ticket--but given the current economic climate I'm thinking the lottery ticket is my best shot.

I go into more detail after the break.

If you can read this then nothing is wrong

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Today I started getting messages from people saying that when they tried to access my website they were getting webmail login screens instead of, you know, my website. After talking with one of my readers I think I've figured out what the problem is, but I haven't quite figured out how to fix it.

I'm working on it. If you can read this then I fixed it.

Or it hasn't hit you yet.

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