Another Personal Update on the Ongoing War Against Entropy

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Good news! I no longer have to drive 176 miles round-trip when I commute. Last weekend I moved into our new apartment in glorious Phenix City, Alabama, just 13 minutes away from where I work in Columbus, Georgia.

Bad news! We're not quite moved in yet. I'm essentially camping out in the apartment because none of our big furniture (including things like, oh, beds) are there yet. It's still better than driving 176 miles a day.

Good news! This weekend we're renting a U-Haul and moving all the big furniture!

Bad news! This weekend we're renting a U-Haul and moving all the big furniture!

Good news! This Thursday I'll be getting internet access!

Bad news! It's only 3mpbs! I mean sure, back in the day that was twice as fast as a T1 line when T1 lines were "holy crap, that's a lot of speed," but these days it means any time I try to check my email my daughter will complain that I'm disrupting her Netflix streaming.

Good news! This means I'm almost back to having a normal schedule! I think I've done OK with updates over the last few months, but it's definitely been hard to manage, and over the last few weeks updates have pretty much dropped off entirely due to the And Now I Have To Do This nature of moving.

Bad news! I'm not quite there yet. There's still stuff we have to do that is inconvenient and spread across both Phenix City and Montgomery, and also this is tax week, which is a distraction in its own right.


Good news! Updates will be resuming soon. It's so close... so very close...

Thank you for bearing with me while I finish this up.


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I'd say the good news

I'd say the good news outweigh the bad news...

Keep up the good work!

(Or is that "keep up the faith"? ;-)

Lived in Montgomery, AL,

Lived in Montgomery, AL, worked in Columbus, GA. 88 miles each way.

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