New Feature: Infinite Scrolling for Webcomic Story and Character Arcs

Submitted by C B Wright on

Another new feature I've wanted to add for a long time is now being tested, in limited fashion, on my site.

For quite a while, I've set up my comic to give readers the ability to view the entire arc of a storyline by clicking the storyline name on the comic display:

In the example above, clicking "The Road to Binky" takes you to the very beginning of that story arc (one of the larger ones in my archives).

Also, at the bottom of the comic--where each character who appears in the comic is listed--you can click on any of the characters names to page through every comic that character has ever appeared in:

In the example above, clicking "Monk" takes you to a page that shows you every Help Desk comic where Monk makes an appearance.

Now when you choose either of these, you don't actually have to page through anything. Assuming you have javascript enabled (it does require javascript) it will continue to load new comics, five at a time, until it has finished loading either the entire storyline or the entire character arc.

Give it a spin, tell me what you think. If it works out OK I'll look into finding other useful ways to put this feature into play. If it doesn't work out... well, it's actually very easy to undo at this point.

(Those of you who turn off or otherwise block javascript in your browser should still have access to first/previous/next/last pagers.)


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