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July has been a difficult month.

I was supposed to have Issue 12 of Curveball out this month. I was also supposed to have the next chapter of The Points Between up. I was also supposed to have a lot more comics up than there actually are.

Instead, I spent most of July trying to find a job.

Issue 12 is currently about 25% complete. The next chapter of The Points Between is about 50% complete. On the other hand, I'm working again, so ability to feed family is once more at 100%.

Apologies for the delay. All the other projects--both fiction and comics--are moving forward. I have a lot of ground I need to make up...


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Hang in there

Congrats on the new job. Hope it's a good one (and long term). And, you did the right thing, putting priority on that. Good luck.

. -- Scott

Carry on

I have to agree with your priorities. Glad you have work. Hope it goes well for you.


Jobs are good. They cut into free time, but often not as much as looking for a job.

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Glad things finally evened

Glad things finally evened out.

Off to a better tomorrow!

The Anono in your El.

taking care of business

Your family is priority #1 -- everything else is a distant second.
As for CB being late, don't worry about that. Keep the quality up to its regular high level, and things will be ok. If you feel guilty about being late, add some "extra bonnus bfeatures" or something.
Oh, and I liked the twitter story about your daughter.
Take care!

humms... "turn green (turn

humms... "turn green (turn green, turn green)..." ;')

working again.

Looking again? i take back MOST of the rotten things i thought about you.

starting with smashwords. (I'm having difficulty formatting my stuff there now)

(PSST! tell the girl life/identity security etc is accomplishment and see if she figures out THAT takes work.)


link blocked

that youtube link is now blocked. (Just thought you should know)

. -- Scott


Seems like August is going to be about as bad as July....

. -- Scott

"Everything old is new again"...

including this reuse of a well-known phrase... ;-)

In other words: HUH? Today, on the Tracker page, it's suddenly showing all NEW pages.

This happened several times in the past, usually associated with some big migration or database conversion/upgrade. What was it this time?

Same kind of thing...

... I was fixing some file locations. It's been a long-running project and I finished it today. The specifics of what happened, what happened next, and then what I did to put everything back the way it was supposed to be are boring.

That said, while I was working on this I discovered that my site is no longer generating alt and title information for images, which I'm very unhappy about. So I guess fixing that is my next project.

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sorry to say...

I'm sorry to say -- I guess I was right. Here's to hoping you have a much better September.

. -- Scott

Well it wasn't a total loss.

I got Issue 12 out. Granted, for those of you not reading Curveball that's not really a consolation.

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.