Hello Alabama.

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I made it. It was a rough trip. I was trying to minimize the pain by splitting it into two pieces -- Saturday driving and Sunday driving.

Saturday driving was supposed to be 5 hours. It wound up being 9 hours because they closed down one of the more important roads I was sort of counting on not being closed down. Sunday I left at 8:30ish and was supposed to arrive around 7:30 (Central time). It wound up being closer to 9 because I had to drive through a pretty heavy rainstorm that apparently spawned a tornado once it hit South Carolina.

But I made it. Expect fun things to appear on this site soonish.


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Congratulations on having probably well over half the moving process behind you! I hope things start to settle down and get less stressful now. Moving is a pain.

This sounds like something...

... I will enjoy investigating. Thoroughly!

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