Limited Support for Mobile Devices

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Eviscerati.Org now has limited support for mobile devices. "Limited" because it's still based on the non-mobile theme and the text isn't very optimized for mobile browser viewing. Tablets will probably do OK. Smartphone browsers will still probably not be the best user experience in the world -- you may want to view the site in landscape mode to mitigate some of the issues.

Please feel free to suggest any enhancements to the mobile theme here. I won't be able to introduce them immediately (unless they're showstopper rendering problems, it'll have to wait until after the move) but I will put them on the list to add when I start working on a more full-featured mobile theme.


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Testing on my Blackberry Playbook (OS v 2.1)

I used the "m." prefix to your site URL but got redirected to the "www." site. There's also a new prompt about an invalid security certificate along the way...

Still, it's quite readable on my 7-inch screen (with the occasional bit of pinch-zoom ...)

Did you see one column or two?

If you saw two columns you're getting the desktop site. One thing I'm noticing with this module is it doesn't consistently detect mobile devices. Which isn't good.

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One column

So that's good...

browser detection isn't a great idea

No browser detection method is perfect, at the moment chrome for android isn't being detected at least. However I would recommend using responsive paradigm given the site design. Basically a meta tag in the head and css media queries which basically says if viewpoint is less than x pixels wide then override with this css. This way it actually measures the width of the screen size and adapts to it rather than trying to detect whether a mobile browser is being used via media queries.

I've checked the html and there is nothing that should cause any major problems with adding media queries.