Unexpected downtime last week; back now

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I say "unexpected downtime" but I don't mean the site. I mean me.

On January 31 our DSL went out, "sort of." By "sort of," I mean I had access to everything on the Internet that wasn't immediately useful: I could ping, I could ssh (OK, that was moderately useful) but I couldn't check email, couldn't browse, generally couldn't get anything done. By Friday DSL support had convinced me that it was a modem problem, and I ordered a new one.

Which didn't arrive until Friday.

Nine and a half days of relying on my phone for Internet access made it incredibly difficult to do much over here, especially since I was trying (unsuccessfully) to prevent my bandwidth usage from going over my AT&T data limit. Ah well, such is life; the good news is that I have Internet access once again, and things should return to whatever it is that passes for normal on this little corner of the Internet Ocean.

Well, hopefully better than "normal." We'll see.


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Modem, really?

I don't understand how that could be. If you could ssh you had a connection. Why wouldn't it http?

The only thing I can think of is that the modem had an internal firewall stuck on block.....

Don't know...

... but the lady working tech support had me bypass the modem entirely and create a PPPoE connection from my machine to the DSL network and suddenly voila, I had full access.

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Now I'm even more puzzled

How did you create the PPPoE without the modem? It sounds to me like modem settings rather than hardware.

Or is your modem also your hub? That would make some sense if you could create one connection by bypassing the "hub" function, but that left out everyone else.

Hm. I'm being imprecise.

The modem itself was probably OK. I created the PPPoE connecting directly to the modem. Whatever was happening that translated the PPPoE connection to something the ethernet jack could use, that's what was screwing up.

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.