The Return of the Forums

Submitted by C B Wright on

On the theory that it's not always convenient to have to find an old post to comment on it, and on the (further) theory that some old posts with locked comments are still worth discussing, and on the (yet one more) theory that there are times when you'll want to start a topic that has something to do with something on this site without waiting for me to create a post on it myself, I have, once again, set up forums on this site.

I tried this a while back and closed them down because nobody ever used them. That's probably because most people really don't have a lot to say about the stuff I post here, and also probably because I require you to have an account before you can post in the forums. Most people who do post here prefer to do so anonymously, which I completely understand, but in my experience:

anonymous poster + forum = more spam than any seventy blogs with anonymous comments enabled combined

At any rate, I think one good side effect of the forums is that it'll be able to report technical concerns not just to me, but to the browsing community at large. To that effect, I've started a thread in the Admin/Site Issues subforum where I try to troubleshoot a potential SSL problem on the site.