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It has taken so long to figure out how to get this to work, but I've finally got the site RSS feeds sorted out.

My RSS feeds are now being pumped through Feedburner, which means I will actually have an idea of how many of you guys are out there. Which is good, because my gut feeling is that there are quite a lot of you and my RSS feed has always been sort of an afterthought.

At the moment I have a number of custom RSS feeds for your viewing pleasure:

  • The Main feed: This is probably the feed you're subscribed to right now. It shows you every single post I make on this site, whether you like it or not... but, mercifully, it only shows you the teasers for the articles.
  • The Articles feed: If you subscribe to this you'll only get updates when I post an article on the site. You'll get the full text each time, so you won't even have to visit the site to read it.
  • The Comics feed: If you're only interested in the webcomics, subscribe to this feed. No articles, no podcasts, no fiction, no updates on how I broke my site, how I fixed my site, or how I plan to break/fix my site in the future--just intermittent udpates of sarcastic clipart.
  • The Fiction feed: If you want to follow my fiction updates--all of them--you can subscribe here. You'll get the full text each time (no teaser-only view) so you won't have to navigate the treacherous waters of Eviscerati.Org. If, at some point, I start posting multiple fiction projects simultaneously, it might get a little confusing.
  • The Podcast feed: Currently I'm only publishing one podcast--the Points Between--but this could change. Some day I might go insane and start publishing simultaneous podcasts. I'm not saying it's a good idea, I'm just saying if you show me a windmill, I will find a horse. This feed will keep you current on whatever it is I'm podcasting at any given time. Assuming that interests you.
  • The Points Between Fiction feed: If you couldn't care less about my fiction in general, but you want to stay up to date on The Points Between, this is the feed for you. Full text, no site visiting required.
  • The Points Between Podcast feed: If you couldn't care less about my podcasting schemes in general, but you want to stay up to date on The Points Between podcast, this is the feed for you.

More feeds will be added as they become available.

On an additional note, expect ads to start appearing on all my feeds at some point in the new future. I'll be using Google AdSense, so I expect the ads will not be garish, and my hope is they will be visible enough to be effective while being muted enough not to annoy you. I'll be monitoring this closely when I start using it and pull it if I decide it's too annoying.

So there we have it. All fixed.1 Enjoy!

Also, if you subscribe to a feed and you would like to see some extra functionality added (or removed)--please let me know! You can post here, if you like, or you can send me a message via my contact form. When you use the form it gets tagged by my email program and put in a special "read this now!" folder--it automatically separates you from the spam and attracts my attention pretty quickly.

  • 1. Allegedly.


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How many?

Whelp you see...I don't do a lot of dem der newfangled gizmos. I snatch you, well the offering, daily via scripting. This was proudly produced via vi in a text window and now runs as a cron job.

So take yer derned RSS feed stuff and add one to it. ;-)

No images

I just thought I'd mention, the images have stopped showing in my RSS feed. It could be a problem at my end as I am lazy and use Outlook for this particular RSS feed. However I've been using RSS for this feed for at least 4 years.

Ignore my last post

I removed the subscription and resubscribed and the images started showing again. WHo knows what the fault was but I was getting the articles without images and now I am getting the articles with images. Let's just blame Outlook.

Fine by me!

It's always safe to blame Outlook. :)

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.

Gone again

Images are gone again. I'll give up and blame Outlook and try to work out what the problem is. Until then, I receive an email with a broken image (instead of the comic) and a link and then click on the link to be able read the article. The image is possibly timing out when loading. Who knows. It teaches me for using Outlook as an RSS reader I guess. Pity it's worked for so many years until now though.

Have you tried using another program...

... just to determine if you can get images on that? Like Google Reader, or Firefox, etc. If you're not getting images on Outlook AND something else, then it's probably not exclusively an Outlook problem.

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.