RSS Feed Update: Progress.

Submitted by C B Wright on

In my last Site News Post about RSS Feeds, I complained that I couldn't get Feedburner--or any other RSS tool--to work with my site. The reason, apparently, is because I had SSL turned on everywhere, including for the RSS feed. Apparently RSS feeds are only considered valid when they start with http: not https: -- I think that's idiotic, personally, since the feeds still work exactly the same way -- but it is what it is.

Well, I found a Drupal module that lets me selectively deactivate SSL in specific regions of the site. It's called Secure Pages, and with it I can turn on SSL everywhere except for the RSS feeds (technically SSL is still on, because you can access the feeds with an https: URL, but it's no longer required.)

This means I'm going to be able to use FeedBurner, which means I'm going to be able to get an impression of how many of you guys are actually following me via RSS. It also means I'm going to be able to move forward with creating more specialized feeds (i.e., just the comics, just the fiction, just the podcasts, etc.)

It also means you'll probably see ads show up in those feeds. Hopefully nothing you find too off-putting.

At any rate, if you are happily subscribed to an RSS feed now, it SHOULDN'T change. There may be a day or two down the horizon where the RSS feeds go funny as I try to set up Drupal feeds to redirect to Feedburner--I'm told that can be a challenge--but I'm cautiously optimistic.

Crap. Now I just jinxed myself...


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Well, today my Reader fed me with your 10 latest articles, 9 of them which I had read already. Having used Feedburner myself, I'm safely assuming you got it to work :)


Yeah, I have everything running through Feedburner now and it SEEMS to be working.

I guess it'll take at least a day for the gremlins to thoroughly wreck everything!

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webcal has a similar problem

Can http: links just redirect to https: and have RSS tools work?

Not really.

The problem is that you want to redirect to https before you actually hit the site, otherwise you're not really protecting much. Also you'll get certificate errors and all visiting browsers will scream OMG THIS SITE IS NOT SECURE!!!!ONE!11!

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.