Site(s) Going Dark This Weekend

Submitted by C B Wright on

The plan is that this weekend all the sites will be taken off line in order to do the Great Merge of 2012. All the testing I've done supports that this should work relatively well: by "relatively well" I mean "the site ought to be up on Monday and there should be a new comic."

The good news is that if by mid-Sunday I determine things just aren't working out, I'll just restore the database backup I'll be making this evening and the site as it currently exists will be back up on Monday, none the wiser.

For those of you who are playing at home with our rss feeds, be ready to subscribe to the following address:

Those of you who have subscribed to the rss feed might be able to get away with not changing anything, but I can't promise that. The RSS feed above will be the main RSS feed for the entire site, so it may be a little (or a lot) more cluttered than you're used to. I'll make the content-specific feeds available pretty soon.

Wish me luck! The advantage I have here is that I'm actually simplifying my setup instead of making it more complicated--no attempts at creating a single sign-on solution (that won't even be necessary any more), no multi-site modules, nothing crazy like that--so this has a much better chance of working.

That said, uttering the phrase "this has a much better chance of working" probably wasn't the wisest thing I've ever done.


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it's throwing a TLS error now...

... but won't by Monday.

.net will redirect to .org.

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Good job! Congratulations on the results so far

I am just beginning to visit the new integrated domain, but so far this looks excellent; simple yet quite functional.

And I, for one, will rejoice at the disappearance of the not completely functional single sign-on stuff. "new" pages on domains OTHER than remained flagged "new" in RED even after I visited them, and the count of new (unread) replies on such posts never went down as well. I guessed some cookies were being a little too territorial and did not want to bother you with such trifles... ;-)