A Rake by Starlight, Episode Three: "Pandora Smirks"

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Chapters 7-9

Why were two Tylaris Barony ships trying to destroy each other on the very fringes of known space? What was one of them trying so desperately to protect? In this episode, Grif and his crew learn the answer to those questions. It is generally agreed, in hindsight, that this was a mistake.


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Most enjoyable 43 minutes of

Most enjoyable 43 minutes of this decade, thank you for sharing. If, and when, I have some spare pennies I will send some your way.

I know that I am a slow reader (too many loan and legal documents that demanded close scrutiny, lest a loophole be missed) and I create a picture in my mind as a tale develops when reading fiction. Furthermore, it is very, very rare for me to read a book a second time, unless proof-reading, since every page is repetitive of something I have already read.

That said, whilst listening to you read - great accents and voice characterizations, by the way - the story came as no surprise, even though I must have read it six months or more ago, I was surprised at how fast the characters were introduced. I lacked the time to recall the images in my mind of what I had originally imagined each character looked like. I can't think of any easy way to convert the written words to allow a listener to take it all in, without making it very jerky. I guess I could have hit the pause button, but that would have ruined the flow.

For instance, Amys sounded far less dangerous than the character that I have built up in my mind, as the story progresses.

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for your comments!

One of the dangers of doing these things is trying to get the voices right. They're all a little off from the characters as they exist in my head, so I'm mostly there with you where Amys is concerned.

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