Pay Me, Bug! Podcast: Chapter 05

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WHEREIN the Devil is Given His Due


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reading "Pay Me, Bug!" aloud

I've really been enjoying the plot of PMB. You don't have a monotone as you claimed in one of the blurbs advertising it. But... one of the things I find really helpful in an audiobook, is the use of significantly different voices for different characters. In a printed book, it's trivial to look back and check who said something. In an audiobook, not so much. So, this is something I would like you to work on in future chapters. (I haven't heard 5 yet, and I forget whether I've heard 4 yet; I've subscribed to a LOT of podcasts, and finish my backlog maybe twice a week.)



yeah, voices are something I've really struggled with, and I'm not entirely sure why. I was a theater major in college (and a decent actor) so you'd think I'd be able to handle it, but I find myself generally struggling behind a microphone in a way I never did on stage. Of course, acting on the stage is only partially vocal, and is augmented with physical activity, posture, etc... none of which helps at all when reading into a microphone.

Also, any time I try to find a voice for a female character (mostly Amys, but also Vod to a degree) I wind deleting the file in disgust.

As it is, I have a voice of sorts for Cyrus, a voice for Mavis, and a cadence for Grif. That's about it. I will work on it, though.

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Audio mastering

Hey Chris, Enjoying the Podcast of PMB heaps!

One thing I have noticed (as have the few other people I share decent podcasts with) is that your mastering seems to be out for the intro music (which we all love) the music level is a little too high, and drowns out the vocals. This may be intentional, but everyone I've shared this with has commented on it.

Great Job so far!

... not intentional.

It comes from decades of listening to good music -- my hearing is shot, and that affects my ability to master ANYTHING. I habitually drown out vocals when I mix music because I know what they are so they always sound clear to me.

This time around I'll try to mix the vocals so that they sound a little too loud for me. That should make them sound right for everyone else. :)

Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions.