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We Are Live...

...and there are probably any number of nasty surprises lurking in the live places. Let me know what they are so I can fix them. Report freely!

Right now I'm backing up all the old versions of the Eviscerati.org database and archiving them offsite. They take up more space than the actual website does.

So far the number of nasty surprises appears to be pretty low. I've managed to work around an issue with 4K displays by putting a limit on the width of the main body of a page, and tweaking the layout of the front page a bit so that the worst offending graphics are displayed a little differently. The RSS feeds seem to be mostly working now, though the graphics are apparently a bit on the wonky side. And I still need to finish migrating all the Help Desk comics (currently working on June of 2000).

I've certainly had more problematic migrations.