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Typoes on Copyright page

Nice redesign.  I'm sorry it was necessary, but it is nice.

There seems to be some cut/paste errors on the "Third Party Licenses and Attributions" section of your copyright page, and the legal people hate that.

It looks like the "Year One (with exceptions)" paragraph is the correct template.
Issue 3 - according to the linked page, Jeff is male.  So "but as the artist, *he* is..."
Year Two - "but as the artist, *she* is" (she missing)
Year Three - "bu the artist is".  I'm guessing (less obviously here) "bu*t as* the artist, *she* is..."

Have I mentioned how much I love Curveball recently?  Even if I can't understand anything David has done since he retired.

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C. B. Wright

Thank you for the updates, I'll fix those. I am actively writing issue 36, I wish it was going faster.

These are now fixed. Thanks again!