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  • Set up forums (complete)
  • Create static pages for comics (complete)
  • Create static pages for serials (complete)
  • Migrate Help Desk comics (post-migration)
  • Create static site info pages (complete)
  • Set up RSS feeds (complete)
  • Decide on whether or not to migrate user accounts (will not do)
  • Set up redirects (post-migration)

The status of each so far:

  • Set up forums. CHECK! 🙂
  • Create static pages for comics. I've created archive pages for each. I haven't created the greeting or FAQ pages because I'm still trying to figure out how to link them from individual posts.
  • Create static pages for serials. No progress on this.
  • Migrate Help Desk comics. 1996-1999 are up.
  • Create static site info pages. Not a lot of work done on this.
  • Set up RSS feeds. Rudimentary work done--I've installed a plugin that creates an RSS feed per category, but I haven't actually seeded the site with individual subscription links yet.
  • Decide on whether or not to migrate user accounts. I'm leaning toward not migrating accounts. I want the people who actually use them to not have to create them again, but on the other hand most of the user accounts on Eviscerati.Org are spam, spam, spammity spam spam spam or have been inactive/unused for years. Might be better to just start over.
  • Set up redirects. This is going to have to wait until the site goes live on Eviscerati.org, because I can't think of a good way to test it. Links will probably be broken for a while.

Placeholders for comic static pages now in place.

Comic static pages are finished! There are even rudimentary menus.

Rudimentary menus are now "pretty" menus. General stylesheet cleanup/optimization.

  • Create static pages for comics: CHECK!
  • Create static pages for serials: CHECK!
  • Create static site info pages: CHECK!
  • Set up RSS feeds: CHECK!
  • Decide on whether or not to migrate user accounts: decided not to. CHECK!
  • Set up redirects: will have to be done post-migration.