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Help Desk: Archive Migration Progress


All of 2003 has been migrated!

Howdy back at you. I didn't realize that you had forums on eviscerati - it only became apparent to me when I scrolled down the home page whilst reading the latest post today. I must admit that I had almost given up on clicking on your icon on my Firefox speeddial, only due to the lockdown here in the uk did I give it a thought.

Congrats on getting Help Desk migrated.

I almost didn't make it to posting here - having logged in I got stuck for a while on Wordpress profile page - clicked on everything until finally chosing 'Evicerati.Org' (top left) which got me back to the home page, and I realized that I was still logged in.

I can't remember exactly what you have detailed about your sore shoulder, but be it joint or muscle pain, I have had excellent results taking a daily collagen (joint formula) capsule, and a daily turmeric capsule (curcumin with peperine/black pepper to help with digestion).  I am not a doctor, nor a lawyer, but have been spending my retirement painting and decorating Grade II listed buildings (owned by friends) - and they (the capsules) have cured my creaky knees and stiff and/or aching shoulders when painting/plastering etc. They don't, however, stop my arms from running out of blood when working over my head! I therefore humbly suggest that you look into seeing if they might help.

Hope that you, and yours, are otherwise well and taking appropriate precautions re coronavirus.

All the best and keep up the great work.

Sorry you were having so many navigation issues. :-/

I figure there has to be a way to redirect you back to the front page after logging in, but I haven't quite figured out how to do it yet. I think that would make things a lot easier.

As to the shoulder, I've been in rehab for it since about mid-November, and while I don't have the complete range of motion back yet, it's much better. Alas, rehab has been curtailed due to the coronavirus.

All of 2004 has been migrated!