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Help Desk: Archive Migration Progress

Everything up through May of 2000 is migrated.

Currently migrating: June of 2000.

June & July of 2000 finished!

Now finished through October of 2000!

All of the year 2000 archives are finally migrated!

Finally through February of 2001!

...it took longer than expected.

All of 2001 is now migrated. Sadly, 2001 was not the longest year...

ok thanks for sharing this.

Are you still transferring the comics to this site? I still only see up to 4-2-2003.

It has stalled temporarily while I deal with this shoulder (it turns out that using a mouse and/or typing can contribute to shoulder pain, which sounds ridiculous but is true nonetheless, so it's restricted my work). But it's not abandoned, just temporarily stalled.

Added June 2003 archives!