Status Report, 7 July 2014

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C B Wright
Status Report, 7 July 2014

When I posted Chapter 12 of ARBSL I announced that while I had more content I could post, there was a gap between what I had posted and the new stuff--a gap I needed to fill in, but that I hadn't figured out how to fill it in just yet.

Good news for people waiting for more ARBSL: I now know how to fill in that gap. I just need to, you know, find the time to fill it in. Not sure when that will be, though I'll be honest--if I can figure out how to write three stories simultaneously I will absolutely start doing that, because that would be awesome.

Dave Cortesi (not verified)
So -- two years since chapter

So -- two years since chapter 12 went up, 18 months since this update. Wouldn't want you to act hastily now, but maybe time for a new update?

C B Wright
I'll update when George R. R.

I'll update when George R. R. Martin does. ;-)

(Honestly, it IS time for a new update, but God, my time is so compressed these days I just don't know when it's gonna happen. I gotta survive the next few months.)

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Glen (not verified)
Genuine thanks for the pseudo

Genuine thanks for the micro-update!
My teenager and I will patiently continue to wait ;)