Status Report, 7 July 2014

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C B Wright
Status Report, 7 July 2014

Gah, this story.

There's a lot of story left to write and I need to spend more time writing it.

That said, Chapter 22 ("The Return") sort of marks the end of the first act, and I've been thinking a lot about what, exactly, that means. The first act is about 50,000 words long, which is a little terrifying, because I don't expect the other two acts to be any shorter.

AND, ever since I rewrote the prologue and the first chapter in present tense I've been thinking the story would work better in present tense.

So I've been considering rewriting the existing chapters in present tense while continuing onward in past tense, then switching completely over to present tense when I finally catch up with myself. Which is likely to happen.

It's not something that makes me happy when I think about it, but I keep thinking about it...

Fiona (not verified)
Someone said something about

Someone said something about a relaunch?

C B Wright
Yep. I'm very close to it.

Yep. I'm very close to it. All of the drafts show up on my Patreon first, and if you look at the overview page -- which I updated yesterday -- you can see listings for it now.

Which isn't to say you'll have to subscribe to the Patreon in order to read it. It'll work the same way Curveball does -- Drafts on the Patreon site, then it'll get posted here. And the placeholder stuff for the TPB on this site is now sporting the new cover art:

So the relaunch is happening very, very, very soon. I'm shooting for early December.

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